Project Profiles

Primary Research: Focus Groups
Project: Luxury Active Adult Rental Community, Lancaster, PA
Client: Multifamily Developer

Introducing a new style of housing in a community carries much risk. Fulton Research worked with a Lancaster, PA developer to determine the potential for an upscale senior apartment community in the heart of Lancaster County. After conducting a market analysis of the housing options for seniors, a series of focus groups were completed to understand more about consumer attitudes toward an upscale active adult rental community.
Fulton Research recruited affluent seniors from the local market to participate in the discussions. Additionally, since the children of seniors greatly influence the purchasing decisions of their parents, several participants in their 30’s and 40’s were also part of the research. This proved to be an interesting dynamic and led to valuable discussion. From this research, the client heard first-hand from the targeted consumers regarding how they feel about renting, their likely objections, and their preferences for the style of home and the interior features. This information helped guide recommendations made by Fulton Research regarding the direction for land acquisition, architectural requirements, and pricing plans for the community.
Fulton Research intends to continue studying this market with a quantitative survey to test the information learned from the focus groups and to obtain a statistically significant understanding of the appeal of active adult rentals in the market.


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