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The Politics of Route 28

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Vocal members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are overlooking the intent of the report we prepared for the “Economic Development Potential for Class A Office in the Route 28 Corridor”.      

Our objective was to evaluate the potential for Class A office space in the Route 28 corridor and offer a vision for the Board of Supervisors to consider during the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process that is underway.  Residential, environmentally-friendly and walkable environments are recommended as supporting elements within the mixed-use environments that Class A office users want. 

The Route 28 Corridor has the potential to be a special place, with an identity as a world-class business location, anchored by Dulles Airport and within close proximity to a highly-educated workforce.  With the right environment, business will want to locate here.  Many stakeholders in the corridor also believe this, otherwise why would they tax themselves to build the interchanges that, when complete, will make Route 28 a six lane, stoplight-free, limited access divided highway?   Along with the planned Metrorail stops near Dulles Airport and the completion of several parallel roads, this corridor will have tremendous capacity to efficiently move vehicles and people.

The vision offered will make Loudoun County more competitive for jobs and industry with Fairfax County. 

Inaction will be an opportunity lost.